Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Six word Stories

Today I thought I'd continue with the concise writing aspect and feature something which I greatly enjoy reading. I also think it's a helpful tool in writing. It really teaches you to focus on words in particular and how they fit together. When you are given boundaries, you must work to get around them and create a great piece in spite of or because of.

What I want is six word stories. That's right, six words, one story. They can be a correct sentence, something poetic, anything you want. It can even be six different sentences! It's all up to you. Funny, inciting, crazy, commentary, anything you want can be written. The only boundary is six words. It sounds strict but when you think of everything you can do with six words, all the words in the language... it boggles the mind.

I found sixfix, written by Anantha, to be a clever and interesting blog of six word stories.
Here are some examples from the site:
The pencil died of lead poisoning.
Pythagoras was playing poker with Einstein.
4:53 AM, President. 4:59 AM, Ex-President.

I really enjoyed reading her comical and thought provoking stories. Sometimes the title played a role in the story and she really stretched the possibilities of the six words into something magical.

So please create wonderful stories and search your mind for as many great word combinations as you can to make something truly beautiful!

So until next time, keep writing!


Anonymous said...

Hi there.. i just stumbled upon your blog and Im immediately hooked! Im Ramesh from India, and I think this might be a six word story:

"He tripped and fell into Heaven".

what do you think of that? Is it any good?

:-) Ramesh.

Mistress Regina said...
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Mistress Regina said...

Stop by and see me, dear. I have a writing opportunity for you; one that involves a unique challenge.

Will keep an eye out for you.

Bill Tessore said...

I love this "six word story" exercise. Here's one for you.

Build people, people will build you.

I appreciate you,

Sophia said...

I suck at writing stories. When I try and write the six word story the same thing happens as when I try and write longer stories. I guess I was just not made for fiction:

"Everything since Bach is a lie."

Sydney said...

Wow! Thank you all for your submissions and your kind words. I'm sorry I haven't been posting much, but seeing that people read has given me the boost to post once again!