Monday, June 9, 2008

Fun With Matt and Anna

One day Matt and Anna find themselves at a shoe store.

Who are Matt and Anna? How did they get to the shoe store or why did they go? You tell me. This week I want to hear their story (any written form; story essay song poem etc.)

You're probably wondering 'why a prompt this week instead of a

I will answer your cry for a lesson. I want you to stretch your creativity as far as it will go. The prompt was very loose for a reason. I want an answer that is brainstormed out of the box. I challenge you to write the bizzare or the fantastic. You have creative control, use it.

For example, in my story I'll make them a couple. Matt is a beetle but Anna is a centipede. Matt complains that Anna is taking too long to pick out shoes she'll wear to an upcoming wedding. It ends with a silly centipede one liner from Anna. My story is silly and simple and it took me 5 minutes to brainstorm.

Send me your stories about them be they silly or serious or even just plain strange.

Until the next free minute at work hiding with my iPod touch to slowly type out a post, keep writing!