Monday, June 9, 2008

Fun With Matt and Anna

One day Matt and Anna find themselves at a shoe store.

Who are Matt and Anna? How did they get to the shoe store or why did they go? You tell me. This week I want to hear their story (any written form; story essay song poem etc.)

You're probably wondering 'why a prompt this week instead of a

I will answer your cry for a lesson. I want you to stretch your creativity as far as it will go. The prompt was very loose for a reason. I want an answer that is brainstormed out of the box. I challenge you to write the bizzare or the fantastic. You have creative control, use it.

For example, in my story I'll make them a couple. Matt is a beetle but Anna is a centipede. Matt complains that Anna is taking too long to pick out shoes she'll wear to an upcoming wedding. It ends with a silly centipede one liner from Anna. My story is silly and simple and it took me 5 minutes to brainstorm.

Send me your stories about them be they silly or serious or even just plain strange.

Until the next free minute at work hiding with my iPod touch to slowly type out a post, keep writing!


Anonymous said...

Anna went to the shoe store
Whilst Matthew tagged along.
She had to return a pair of boots,
Because they fit her wrong.

The clerk asked Anna to explain,
She replied, "If I must.
The width is not right, the heels are too high,
And I'm scared that the lace holes will rust."

"I have irregular calves, you see,
So it's hard to find boots that fit.
I wouldn't walk in these boots,
Any further than I could spit."

"My husband, Matthew, thinks they're cute,
But I don't give a rip.
If I make one little step that's wrong,
I'm the one who's going to trip!"

The clerk looked at Anna with great surprise,
He'd never seen this before.
Not once had anyone complained so much,
Or made such a scene in the store!

Just when he had had enough,
Anna gasped and let out a cry,
"Whoops, I didn't buy these here!
Oh well, sorry, goodbye!"

Don Crane said...

This is awesome. I hope to be back often. Please write more.

POSIJOSH said...

In Ryan's dream there is an underground shoe store

shoes underneath the surface

In Matt's mind he is fucking his best friend's girlfriend in a shoe store

underneath Matt there are shoes

In Anna's living room there is a boy named Ryan sleeping on the couch

Anna walks over to remove his shoes

Cyndi Mulligan said...

Matt and Anna were married the day before he shipped out for Iraq. They didn't even get a honeymoon. That was five years ago.

When Anna received the visit from the Army Captain to tell her that Matt had been critically injured, she felt choked, like someone had shoved a sock in her throat. That was the beginning.

With Anna's unconditional love and encouragement, Matt survived. Seven skin grafts would piece his once handsome, chiseled face back together. Learning to walk again would take four grueling years.

Those years passed slowly, and progress came in painfully small degrees. Matt did progress though. He kept at it when Anna took time to sleep. He would walk again, if only for her.

On their fifth anniversary, Matt gave Anna a present. "Sit there," he said quietly. While she sat and wondered what this was about, he grasped the armrests of his wheelchair. He gently rose up, and standing to his full height with his chest out and his face flushed with excitement, he took a step toward her. Then another and another, until he was right in front of her. He took her hands in his, and she rose to meet him.

"Thank you," she whispered.

They held each other and wept softly--for joy, for gratitude, for faith, healing, and love. Anna looked up at him. "You're going to need some new shoes..."

[I tried to keep it short for the sake of space, but I know there's a lot more character development and detail that could be provided in a longer telling. I know it's sappy and amateurish, but I just wanted to try. I really like that poem! Thanks for your great site!]

Anonymous said...

Let Anna and Matthew mirror Adam and Eve and let them discover The Son by their fall to morality ...


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