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Poetry Month (April 14-18)

15th:Tongue Twists
16th:Nove Otto

So the first poem for this week is tyburn. defines a tyburn poem as:
"A six line poem consisting of 2, 2, 2, 2, 9, 9 syllables. The first four lines rhyme and are all descriptive words. The last two lines rhyme and incorporate the first, second, third, and fourth lines as the 5th through 8th syllables."
Example: Shall I?

No need to prevent, comment ... undress.
Don't think of lament ... assent, caress.
by Suzanne Honour

Example: At the Airport

Promising a Sleepless, Restless flight
Hoping for some Breathless, Wondrous sights
by Ben Gieske

The next poem is tongue twists. defines tongue twists as:
"Made up of lines/verses that are hard to say when read aloud by using similar consonant sounds in succession (use of alliteration). In other words, the poem ties your tongue into knots. This form does not require end or internal rhyme."

An undertaker undertook to under take an undertaking. The undertaking that the
undertaker undertook was the hardest undertaking the undertaker ever undertook to undertake.

Found here

Example: lost Lamb

Last lent, Laura and Lester
lest they lost their luster,
lamented at the loss of
their loyal little lamb.
At the loss of the lamb
They languished on
their laurels lamenting,
lounging on the lawn.
So they lost their laugh
at the loss of their
loyal little lamb.
by Amera

The third poem type, for the 16th, is a nove otto poem. defines a nove otto poem:
"The Nove Otto poetry form was created by Scott J. Alcorn. It is a nine-lined poem with 8 syllables per line (isosyllabic). The rhyme scheme is as follows: aacbbcddc."

Example: Caribbean nights

The soft flickering flame entreats.
Candle burns slow - its fragrance sweet.
Bare Terra cotta walls close in,
stifling in the late evening...
A careless moth tempts fate- dancing-
The scotch and I...alone again.
Soft Caribbean nights call me.
Dark, unknown waves roll from the sea-
The moth's last flight- hovers and spins...
by Scott J. Alcorn

Example: emotions tarry in limbo

now empty, his promise shattered
had it ever really mattered?
simple pleasures already gone
all around me, his shadow
emotions tarry in limbo
his love, now untimely withdrawn,
was whispered “till death do us part”
yet these words have destroyed my heart…
broken glass of our love’s icon
by Alfred Booth

A cool poem type is the oddquain. defines an oddquain as:
"short, usually unrhymed poem consisting of seventeen syllables distributed 1, 3, 5, 7, 1 in five lines, developed by Glenda L. Shank.
Oddquain variations:
oddquain sequences - poems made up of oddquain stanzas
crown oddquains - a five stanza oddquain sequence
reverse oddquains - a oddquain with a reverse syllable pattern of 1-7-5-3-1
mirror oddquains - a two stanza oddquain sequence of the pattern 1-3-5-7-1 1-7-5-3-1
oddquain butterflies - a “merged mirror oddquain” where the two stanzas of a mirror
oddquain are merged together, one of the middle 1 syllable lines is dropped, resulting in one nine line stanza of the form 1-3-5-7-1-7-5-3-1. Please note that a oddquain butterfly is not a “oddquain” because it doesn’t have five lines, but it is “butterfly” made up of two oddquains that were merged together into one poem."

Example: Cards

Game of chance
Can be played alone
As a game of solitaire
by Dove

Example (sequences with monorhyme.): Seasons

in Fall's breeze
with colored leaves, tease
as degrees, ignoring pleas,

soon will blow,
as Winter's days flow,
dropping temperatures go

season's king,
with sprouting seedling,
to rid us of Winter's sting...

to Spring wet,
Summer owes its debt
that's, as seasons' cycles set,
by Peggy Paris

The last poem type for today is the mini-monoverse. defines a Mini-monoverse poem as:
"a poetry form originated by Emily Romano. Each Mini-monoverse is made up of two stanzas of five three-syllable lines. They rhyme scheme is a/a/a/a/a for the first stanza and b/b/b/b/b for the second stanza. For a double Mini-monoverse just add two more stanzas. They rhyme scheme for the third stanza should be c/c/c/c/c and for the fourth stanza, d/d/d/d/d. It is desirable that the Mini-monoverse tell a story, but this is not a hard and fast rule."

Example: The Kill

Crack of dawn
On the lawn,
Timid fawn,
Lacking Brawn,
Becomes pawn.

Nature's raw --
Tooth and Claw,
Crushing jaw!
This I saw
Filled with awe.
by Emily Romano

Example: The Addict

Pusher's deed
Sowed the seed
For my need
There to feed
On my greed

Gorgeous lie
While on high
I could fly
Liquid sky

by Aidenconnors

Next week:
20th- Musette
21th- Essence
22th- Pleiades
23th- Clerihew
24th- Epitaph

Until the next time I post (19th probably) keep writing!

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